Carson Glore Africa Trip

Share in our journey as our board and sponsors opened three more classrooms in January: 

In 2011 & 2012, we committed to the Kamuya community to provide them with new classrooms, education training, and more, after which time, they will be able to be self-sustainable within their own community and run the school properly going forward. Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers, and donors for helping us raise $104,725 in just 15 months.


Because of your support, we have provided Kamuya with:

  • Constructed 5 new classrooms:
    • Sienna & Griffin Prevost Classroom
    • Curt & Connie Bergan Classroom
    • Brent & Nancy Nerland Classroom
    • Two Nathan Nerland Classrooms
  • Providing 5 classrooms with new two-student desks, teachers desks & sports equipment
    • James & Barbra Glore and Brian, Courtney, Mikaela & Alexandra Glore Crimmins classroom of desk sponsors
    • Megan Douglass and Peter & Collette Johnson Foundation classroom of desk sponsors
    • Paul Jarvis and Bell State Bank & Trust classroom of desk sponsors
  • 8 VIP private latrines
    • 4 girls
    • 4 boys
  • 600 sanitary napkins for girls
  • 380 Backpacks on behalf of Moxie Java in Fargo with
    • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    • Notebooks
    • Pens & Pencils
    • Crayons and art supplies
  • Water system to provide clean water on campus throughout the year sponsored by UR Kids
  • 400 Sports bottles for the students and faculty to use with the new UR Kids water system
  • Teacher training workshops, management committee, performance management & training in child protection
  • Health & well being: HIV & AIDS related education and programs


Every dollar was donated

Every dollar you donate went straight to the needs of The Carson Glore School because all administration, legal, marketing and costs have been privately underwritten.


Participate in educating a generation

If you would like to help The Carson Glore Foundation education the community at the Kathyoli Primary School:



Thank you again and God bless the students, faculty and families in Kenya!

The Carson Glore Board